Resilience… the Queen of Virtues

Jul 31 2019

 Living agelessly teaches me to light the sacred path to resilience.

Aging well (which is a choice) requires resilience.  Some folks call resilience the “Queen of Virtues” because resilience is actually a combination of many virtues.

What is resilience?

  1. The capacity to heal, and grow yet stronger.
  2. The capacity to recover from sickness, and rally back from painful setbacks.
  3. The process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy and/or threats.
  4. The self-regulating and self-adjusting tendencies of the organism.
  5. The hardiness needed to change unfortunate situations into advantageous ones.
  6. To pull brokenness away from the shadow of a curse and put it under the light of blessing.
  7. The undergirding power that allows our human spirit to prevail in spite of all the obstacles we may face.

All of these and more is what “goes into” the art of living agelessly. And, as the virtue of resilience strengthens me with grace; it’s then when I know that I am ageless.

Living agelessly is the central purpose of the second half of life.”


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