The Beautiful Garden of My Soul

Aug 14 2019

 Living agelessly teaches me to tend the garden of my soul.

I sometimes imagine my soul as a garden inside me. Most times I see this garden as wonderfully verdant, with large leafy plants lining a path; with flowers festooning everything and everywhere, and large shady trees that allow just enough rays of sunshine to wash all of this beauty with a crown of glory. I marvel at and in this garden.

But, at other times the garden seems to wither within me. The leaves drop, the path is dark and the flowers strangely disappear. At these times I know I need refreshment. I imagine rain, a robust rain quenching my garden’s thirst. I get out my hoe and rake, I pull the weeds in my garden, and gradually all is well again.  It is then when I know that I am ageless.

Living agelessly is the central purpose of the second half of life.”




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