About Dr. Johnson

Dr. Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D., PCSG

Founder and Director, JOHNSON Institute and Senior Adult Ministry

Dr. Johnson is nationally recognized for his pioneering work in Spiritual Gerontology and maturing adult faith formation. Dr. Johnson coined the term, “spiritual gerontology” to highlight the role of faith in the aging process. He is invited into many parishes, churches, and retirement centers for consultation, workshops, retreats, and other educational work. Dr. Johnson has given keynote addresses and presentations in conferences including: ACA, AADA, NACPA, NOCERC, LCWR, NFPC, NACSW, NACFLM and others.

He has taught hundreds of maturing adult ministry leaders. His fresh ideas and enthusiasm on the spiritual aspects of adult development and aging have inspired scores of maturing adults to follow their hearts and live more abundant lives in Christ. Dr. Johnson has visited many retirement residences of Elder women and men over the past 20 years.

He is a dynamic, engaging, and compassionate teacher who delights in seeing his students grow personally and spiritually. He has written many articles and 40 books all focused upon God's expansive grace in the maturing years. In addition to his earned doctorate in counseling, Dr. Johnson was awarded an honorary doctorate in 2010 from Holy Cross College for his work in spiritual gerontology.