A Light of Immeasurable Brilliance

Jul 10 2019

I can live more ageless in the Lord as I learn to live in the ever-new abundance of God’s inner light in me. 

I have, in the deepest recesses of my being, what we all refer to as the soul.  I imagine my soul as a light of immeasurable brilliance.  This light is the “holy of holies” within me; it’s the presence of Christ.  This light is the energy of grace that shines everlasting Love in every aspect of my being: body, mind and spirit.  My earthly quest is to live in this Love, to thrive in God’s grace, to become ever more brand new.  The process of growing in this holiness of living is called transformation (literally meaning going beyond form).  I am now filled with gratitude as I realize that the gift God gives me that moves me in this holy direction is the holy process we call aging. 

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