PCSG Certification

    SELF-STUDY: All classes are taken in a self-study format. You receive electronic recordings of all classes, as well as all accompanying power point presentations, texts, and materials to teach these train-the-trainer courses yourself. 

    You are welcome to complete the certification on your own schedule; there are no time constraints or deadlines to meet.  




    $2400 academic tuition ($200 per course),

    $310 for books, materials, profile scoring for all 12 courses.




    By purchasing this product you are registering for the full 12 course curriculum.

    The courses will be sent to you one at a time after completion of the previous course. 

    Tuition can be paid in installments  per course if you wish.  


    Contact us  at 636-273-6898 or email  sandra@SeniorAdultMinistry.com to make  arrangements.








    Contact Hours:  The full, 12 course PCSG certification earns 192 contact hours.




    • $ 2,710.00