Professional Certificate in Spiritual Gerontology

                         Earn Your Professional Certificate in Spiritual Gerontology (PCSG) 

The Professional Certificate in Spiritual Gerontology (PCSG) is for persons who currently work with senior adults, or would like to work with elders in a faith-based organization: parishes and churches, skilled care facility, assisted living, retirement community, hospital, home care, hospice, spiritual direction, Christian counselors and social workers, chaplains, consecrated religious, priests, ministers, elder caregivers, family members … really anyone who would like to look through the eyes of Christ as they interact with elders in any setting, and feel thoroughly equipped to convert their job into a ministry. Many people take the courses simply for their own spiritual development, so they can view aging as the true teacher of truth, beauty, and goodness that it is.

You may register for individual courses or all 12 to earn your certificate!  

Classes are offered in a convenient Self-Study Format

Each course consists of 8 sessions where Dr Johnson presents a one-hour “class” using very comprehensive PowerPoint to organize and accent the teaching points of the class. You will receive the class recording as well as the PowerPoint presentations. Each class is supported by at least one book, topical outlines, reproducible Insight Exercises, and other supporting materials; many also have a personal spiritual assessments.  


Each course provides everything you need to learn thoroughly, and, if you wish, teach the class to  those you serve.