Aging: The Master Teacher

Aging Wisdom Lessons 91-100

Apr 23 2021

Aging teaches me… 91. To realize that each day offers something beautiful92. To live the sure mystery of Love93. To overlook the negative and accentuate the positive94. To get out of the criticism business95. To value heartache as well as elation96. To see everything as gift97. To develop the courage to be imperfect98. To never be paralyzed by fear99. To feed my soul everyday … be open to grace100. To luxuriate in the presence of God © Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D.

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Aging Wisdom Lessons 81-90

Apr 22 2021

Aging teaches me…  81. That God has made me a success: I am stronger than I am weak82. To become more aware of my awareness83. To take better charge of my thinking84. To be more “in touch” with, and share my feelings85. To live in wholeness86. To honor my internal power of choice87. To speak with my real voice88. To take the risk of action89. To live life as an adventure, not as a an avoidance90. To find awe, wonder, an delight each day © Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D.

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Aging Wisdom Lessons 71-80

Apr 21 2021

Aging teaches me… 71. That “Peace of Mind” is my highest human good72. That I am never alone – God is always with me73. That healing is not the same as curing74. To embrace of my own God-given “gifted” personality75. To become an “exceptional patient”76. That Love is the primary power of the universe77. To appreciate the value of my spiritual personality shadows78. The sacred truth of “In medio stat virtus”(in the middle stands the truth)79. To embrace my compulsions as instructors of my soul80. To become more aware of my beliefs as the fundamental assumptions of my mind  ...

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Aging Wisdom Lessons 61-70

Apr 20 2021

Aging teaches me…  61. That mourning is necessary and positive … it has great value62. To receive care from others, as well as give care to others63. That I cannot honor others by dishonoring myself64. To better distinguish between “needs” and “wants”65. The difference between a “quality” and “quantity” relationship66. To go beyond “right” and wrong”67. That finding who is at fault is fruitless68. That I cannot change anyone69. That simple and direct communication is best70. That everything and everyone and is my teacher © Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D.

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Aging Wisdom Lessons 51-60

Apr 19 2021

Aging teaches me… 51. To energize my creativity through grace52. To “own” my spiritual luster53. That my life is a story of God’s fingerprint on me54. To understand the grand design of my life55. To honor the many lessons I have learned over the years56. To perceive time differently57. To confront the “big” questions in life58. To seek the newness of life59. To better understand the Pascal Mystery as the central template for all growth.60. That a deeper gratitude is the heart of a successful lift. © Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D.

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Aging Wisdom Lessons 41-50

Apr 16 2021

Aging teaches me…  41. To be more kind and generous to my body42. To delight in the psychology of leisure43. To take charge of my life in new ways44. To be involved in a personal and continuous self-improvement program45. To rely on my internal strength powered by the Holy Spirit46. To express myself intimately and from the soul47. To learn the wise art of exceptional living … embrace change48. To practice PMA: Positive Mental Attitude49. To move toward personal integration50. To move from success to significance  © Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D.

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