DVD Programs

Six of the 12 JOHNSON Institute courses have been compacted and recorded in DVD format designed exclusively for use with general church/parish lay audiences.  We get very good reports that these DVD programs are well received and highly effective. Each DVD program comes complete with attractive, reproducible outlines, insight activities and one copy of the book that supports the DVD program.

However.... because these are specially constructed for general audiences, they cannot be substituted for credit toward your PCSG (Professional Certificate in Spiritual Gerontology).

Many of our PCSG graduates use the professional courses with general audiences, (with perhaps a bit of facilitation) and also report excellent results.  

So, if you're simply looking for a pug-and-pay, very easy to use program for your church membership, the DVDs are your "ticket".  On the other hand, if you're seriously looking to ear your PCSG ( or even thinking about it) then you want the  JOHNSON Institute courses.

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