I Have Scales Over My Eyes

Jun 26 2019

I can live more ageless in the Lord as I learn that as my body diminishes (as all things physical do), my true spirit advances.


I entertain the notion that what I see as reality, i.e., all things tangible, might not really be the “realest” reality. I imagine that I have scales over my eyes. Then, very gradually, by a process we call aging, these scales, very, very slowly, slide off my eyes, revealing what is actually the “realest” reality… the truth, beauty, and goodness of God’s Love all around me.  As aging gives me clearer vision; my true inner spirit advances. 

Dig Deeper… If you really want to know how you are doing in the process of sacred aging and spiritual maturation, and how to perhaps “do it” better; take the popular spiritual profile, The Ageless in the Lord Profile (ALP).

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