Aging: The Master Teacher

The Strain of Care

Jan 16 2019

Families have cared for family members (aging parents, spouses, adult children, grandchildren, etc.) in the past, families care today, and God help us if they don’t care tomorrow.  The problem I see is not one of abandonment.  Rather the major problem is the emotional press of wanting to provide all that one can while having only limited resources.  Every caregiver at some time faces limited time, limited finances, limited patience, limited acceptance, and limited knowledge and – most of all- limited support for the caregiving role.  Who genuinely understands the plight of the caregiver, much less is ready to render...

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What Blocks Your Wellness Vitality?

Jan 02 2019

Vitality Blockers Vitality emerges naturally as we nurture a mindset of living fully, and when potential wellness obstacles (or blockers) are removed.  The following vitality blockers can prevent you from experiencing genuine vitality and from living fully.  Dr. Norman Shealy, M.D. and Caroline Myss say in their book The Creation of Health that people can accelerate illness when one or more of the following eight dysfunctional patterns are present: The presence of unresolved or deeply consuming emotional, psychological, or spiritual stress in our life. Holding a grudge, unresolved grief or anger, unexpressed feelings, resentments, injustices, abuse, and/or neglect can all...

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The Healing Prayer for The Virtue of Simplicity

Dec 12 2018

I marvel at the beauty of the morning light gracing the edge of my bed.  I see the morning light as beams of grace from above; I am enthralled by its majesty.  I fully recognize your healing hand touching me, Lord, soothing the pain of my brokenness. I depend on your light, Lord, to bring me healing this day. I see and appreciate the exquisite grandeur of this day as it dawns by your hand.  Today is sweet, uncomplicated, innocent, and without pretense ─ as am I also at my true core of grace.  Today is good; it possesses that divine...

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Spiritual Mentoring… a Universal Call

Nov 28 2018

 Spiritual Mentoring is currently enjoying a new wave of interest especially among maturing adults.  The spiritual mentor role is a re-vocation, a re-dedication to Jesus in a different form.  It’s a role required of us in our maturing years, a role that gives new direction and new purpose at a time when the agitation and emptiness of purposeless infects too many of us.  Without the mentor role, says Fr.  Adrian Van Kaam, “… our personality flattens out; it is robbed of the depth which comes from embracing the sufferings of friendship that bearing fruit always entails.” (Page 43, The Mystery...

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Retirement: Discovering Your Personal Dream

Nov 07 2018

I once heard retirement described as: following your dream!  Wouldn’t you like to be able to translate your dream into reality in your retirement? You can if you know what your Ideal Work might be.  Yes, retirement is about getting away from work, but it’s also about getting ‘in touch’ with those activities that give you a sense of fulfillment.  Finding activities that satisfy you personally is a central task for all of us who are either approaching retirement, or already “in retirement”. Work and Personality             Everyone has a unique personality.  There are over 7.3 billion people who live...

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What is Successful and Unsuccessful Aging?

Oct 26 2018

Successful Aging People who are maturing positively have these attributes: They have evolved a generous view of others and of the world, which includes maintaining a forgiving stance toward faults and inadequacies in themselves and others. They have a giving attitude toward themselves and others. They give more financially than do most people according to their means. They form a caring and positive relationship with nature. They are concerned about the quality of the environment that will be passed on to future generations. They are reflective and seek self-understanding. They have had a pivotal event or events that led to...

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