The Healing Prayer for The Virtue of Simplicity

Dec 12 2018

I marvel at the beauty of the morning light gracing the edge of my bed. 

I see the morning light as beams of grace from above; I am enthralled by its majesty. 

I fully recognize your healing hand touching me, Lord, soothing the pain of my brokenness.

I depend on your light, Lord, to bring me healing this day.

I see and appreciate the exquisite grandeur of this day as it dawns by your hand. 

Today is sweet, uncomplicated, innocent, and without pretense ─ as am I also at my true core of grace. 

Today is good; it possesses that divine quality of God that knows no bounds.

I experience this goodness and likewise know no boundaries today in appreciating the beautiful simplicity of the moment I now savor and want to keep in my heart all day long.



Simplicity happens to be one of my six signature spiritual strengths.  The shadow of simplicity is complexity – something I always fear and try to avoid, yet I’m in a professions (counseling) that is shot through with complexity.  Perhaps that is why the Holy Spirit has blessed me with simplicity – the virtue that untangles our lives.

NOTE:  You can discover your six signature spiritual strengths, you six most bothersome shadows and your six potentially destructive compulsions when you take the Spiritual Strengths Profile (SSP).


Until next time, stay light and be bright in the Lord.

Richard P. Johnson, PhD

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