Aging: The Master Teacher

Does the ”Baby Boomer” Generation have Unique Spiritual Developmental Needs?

Oct 10 2018

We can think of “Baby Boomers” ages as generally beginning in the mid-fifties and extending through the early seventies.  This time has been referred to as Midlife, or the “Third Age” of life, a time when people are generally freer to devote themselves more directly to interests, talents, and skills of their own choosing.  Much has been written about the uniqueness of this age group, but suffice it to say the Boomers seem different than previous generations. They are generally in better physical shape, are more highly educated, and have greater quality-of-life expectations. Their global worldview has been greatly shaped...

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Spiritual Mentoring

Sep 26 2018

One of the hallmarks of healthy spiritual development in the second half of life is our gradual awareness of a stronger interior pull toward Christ.  We find ourselves moved to giving a clearer and fuller “yes” to God.  We struggle out of the confining cocoon of the world and pulled by the magnetic tug of Love, very gradually we take flight toward Christ.  Here is the goal of the spiritual curriculum of the maturing years, the premier lesson to be learned as we move through the every days of our second half of life.  One of the marks of this...

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The 6 Essentials of a Happy, Healthy Holy Relationship

Sep 12 2018

Have you ever wondered about the marvelous ingredients that must be in the “glue” that binds together long-lasting—“seasoned”—marriage relationships? These are the relationships that have grown for ten, twenty or more years. Such relationships have prospered due to many factors, yet there must be some fundamental commonalities, some constant bedrock foundation qualities, that sustain and enliven such seasoned relationships, and give them the necessary internal fortitude to thrive across the span of a lifetime.  I’m viewing all this from the perspectives of being a husband, a father of adult, married children, and a professional Christian counselor. I don’t know whether...

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The Ten Spiritual Developmental Tasks of the Illumination Years (Ages 66+)

Aug 29 2018

My hope for you is that you will age well.    Aging well doesn’t happen on its own.  Age alone does not automatically confer competence in “performing” this process we call aging well. Aging requires work; and this work needs to be quite intentional.  So what are the competencies of aging well.  If aging does have purpose then we, as practitioners of aging, can address and embrace the process the aging with varying degrees of competence, and “perform” the overarching act of aging well.            There are building blocks to health on all levels.  Optimal physical health requires nutritious diet, generous...

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The 10 Spiritual Developmental Tasks of Midlife

Aug 15 2018

Developmentally, midlife can be a turbulent time indeed.  Up to this point the central energies of our lives have been dedicated primarily to learning how the world works and trying, sometimes desperately, to figure out how we fit into this expanding and confusing calliope.   It's in midlife that we quite unintentionally and unwillingly start looking inward trying to figure out how we operate and how we ourselves fit into ourselves.  Even the words are confusing, the actual process is downright confounding; so much so that some of us never do find clarity; neither in our relationships with ourselves, nor our...

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What is a Chronic Problem Older Person?

Aug 01 2018

As you work with senior adults you will discover the wide range of personalities. Whereas most personalities are pleasant and most cooperative, some are not!   Johnson Institute Course 108 is specially designed to assist you serve these more difficult personalities in ways most helpful to them and most effective for you.  Understanding the five most common chronic problem personalities, recognizing their special needs, and developing sensitivity to their unique ways of seeing themselves and the world, are your most potent tools for building a ministerial relationship where both you and the senior adults you serve are most receptive to God's...

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