What is Spiritual Agelessness - Part Two

Sep 29 2017

In my last blog I define spiritual agelessness as a faith formed state of mind, heart, and soul that renders the individual free from the more common psychological constraints of physical aging. 

After deeper contemplation, I'd like to expand on this definition by adding this: 

The primary driver of spiritual agelessness is the individual's deepening reliance on God, their advancing journey with Jesus, and their dependence on the mystery of the work of the Holy Spirit.

Here are seven more descriptors of a person who has adopted a philosophy of life best described as spiritual agelessness: 

9. Leans on God-Reliance to transform personal discomforts into opportunities for spiritual deepening.

10. Sees physical diminishment not as personal tragedy but rather as an invitation for deeper inner peace.

11. Emerges reconstituted and reconstructed from transitions precipitating loss.

12. Is more open to the mystery of the work of the Holy Spirit as an active driver in their life.

13. Actively moves away from discouragement and disappointment and rather embraces a new positive acceptance of life that leads to optimism, encouragement, and helpfulness.

14. Places more effort on keeping focus on the big picture of life rather than on fixating on problems of lesser account.

15. Honors the maturation process and especially the seasons of retirement and beyond, as gifts from God fundamentally designed to help us know, love, and serve God better. 

Spiritual agelessness emancipates us from living only on the surface of our lives allows us to dive deep into our Christ-like inner resources of hope, courage and acceptance.  

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