What is Spiritual Agelessness? Part 1

Sep 21 2017

So many people have asked me to define what I mean by spiritual agelessness that I decided to give it a try.

Spiritual agelessness is a faith formed state of mind, heart, and soul that renders the individual free from the more common psychological constraints of physical aging.

Here are eight descriptors of persons, who I believe have adopted spiritual agelessness as their primary philosophy of life in their later seasons of maturation.

A spiritually ageless person:

1. Believes that the notion of age is irrelevant as a primary definer of self- identity. 

2. Has developed a positive spiritual strengths-based view of one's potential for a living abundantly in the Lord.

3. Has adopted a new perspective that reframes the meaning of personal events in more transcendent rather the in strictly material terms.

4. Engages in personality modification and behavioral adaptation to enhance a more God-based lived experience.

5. Adopts a strong belief in the active and positive work of the Holy Spirit as the prime motivating force for personally enhancing change.

6. Shifts the center of one's personal gravity away from mechanistic cause-and-effect thinking to a new certainty in their faith walk with Jesus.

7. Engages in closer examination of conscience of their own personality perception, thinking, and decisions in the light of grace.

8. Is released from simplistic and reductionist attitudes about age and body condition as the fundamental definers of one's essential personhood.


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