Transform Your Attitudes About Maturation

Dec 18 2019

How is it that one day we might meet a person whose chronological is 49, but who looks acts, and thinks much, much older;. The next day we meet another person who is chronologically 94, but who looks, acts and thinks much, much younger? What makes for such a difference?
I have studied this seeming contradiction for years and have distilled my findings down into 12 “keys of spiritual vitality”. Here’s the first…
Transform your attitudes about maturation: the degree to which you have successfully shifted your basic beliefs about aging from beliefs involving loss, to beliefs involving heightened opportunity for deeper spiritual development.
Let me explain…
God uses our natural human condition as a teaching aid so that we can better learn the power of God’s love ever more intimately as we mature. 
Aging is not a contradiction of God’s promise of abundance; rather aging is an extension of that promise.
For us to benefit from this promise of abundance, we must learn to celebrate our own aging as a valuable process of growth and development, not berate it as a senseless slippage into nothingness, as the world is inclined to see aging.
The degree to which you adopt this worldly view of aging is the degree to which you will “flunk” aging. Did you know you can “flunk” aging? You can… many people unfortunately do.
We need to put on a brand new pair of eyes if we can even approach understanding God’s plan for healthy, happy and holy human maturation.
It is true that aging does involve loss. Aging does bite-away at our body, and chip-away at our brain. Yet paradoxically, have you ever stopped to realize that every gain (growth) in our earthly journey necessarily starts with loss? Think about this one!
In our later years, the true drama of our life unfolds in the arenas of emotional and spiritual development.
The real “take-away” here is that “oldness” is not primarily of the body, but much, much more of our mind and especially our spirit.
So… Aging is not a thief in the night… no, aging is our master teacher!
Where is God in your aging process?
For a ready-made AV program on this vital topic that is “tailor-made” for those 65 and older, check-out JOHNSON Institute online program Course 102: 12 Keys to Spiritual Vitality.
Stay light and be bright in Christ Jesus,
Richard P. Johnson, PhD

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