The 100 Wisdom-Lessons that Aging Teaches Me

Apr 09 2021

Is aging more a problem or an opportunity?
Friday, April 9

What does aging mean? Does aging have any enriching meaning at all? Aging presents us with something of a paradox. We joke about aging… and we curse aging. We focus on aging… and we want to forget aging. We try to hide aging… and we flaunt aging. We want to ignore aging… and yet aging can’t leave us alone. We need aging, mostly because we don’t care for the alternative… yet we certainly don’t want aging.

 Yes, we seem to have a love–hate relationship with aging! And yes, I guess you could say we are confused about aging!  So, how do we solve a problem like aging?

 While our confusion can drive us to think some very dark thoughts about aging, the future of aging is bright… the Las Vegas odds makers predict that aging will probably continue and even expand. What do you think? ;)

 Over the years, I’ve studied aging, written about aging, taught many courses on aging, counseled and prayed with countless persons who are aging. All of this has taught me that aging can be tough, but that it also can be the most spiritually inspiring, illuminating, and growth-enhancing time of life. What would you like your aging to be… perhaps it’s both!? 

 I’ve discovered that some of us feel helpless in front of aging; but I’ve also learned that helplessness may just startle us enough to walk the road to Emmaus with Jesus differently… more awake to his “really real” presence. Perhaps God had pretty good reasons for giving us aging!

 I’ve wrestled with aging for years now. I’ve talked with God about aging many times… and I’ve tried to listen to God. It’s the fruit of this listening that I’d like to share with you… a master list of 100 “wisdom- lessons” that aging teaches… and I’m sure that there are more. 

Over the next two weeks, starting Monday, April 12th you’ll receive 10 aging “wisdom-lessons” from me each day, for the total of 100. My hope is that you will ingest these truths and perhaps even pray over them. I believe that each wisdom-lesson is a piece of gold. It’s my hope that these lessons seep into and saturate your soul; I believe they have the power to transform your later years into true golden years. And just maybe, these wisdom-lessons can clear up some of the confusion we feel about aging.  

Welcome to the adventure,

Richard P. Johnson 

NOTE: You are welcome to copy these wisdom-lessons; and yes, even though these are copyrighted, you have my permission to share these with others, as long as they are referenced.

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