Successful Caregiving - DVD Program

Successful Caregiving - DVD Program

The 10 Fundamental Principles of Successful Caregiving: Caregiving as Spiritual Growth Forum.
(10 sessions)

Audience: All Christian persons in any type of caregiving role.

Participants thoroughly learn the ten fundamental competencies for overall effective caregiving. The primary focus of the program is on the adult-child/aging-parent relationship, yet the caregiving principles taught in this program are “right on” for work with maturing adults in any setting: families & couples, health and rehab centers, and elder residences … even with children.
Most of us will eventually face caregiving responsibilities of sizable proportions. Every church, every religious community, and every church-sponsored organization that serves maturing adults needs to offer regular educational experiences and ongoing support groups for caregivers. At any one time over 25% of your parish/congregational families are directly involved in elder caregiving of one sort or another; over time 75% will!
Caregivers need to know that the caregiving role is a ministry; that the opportunity for spiritual growth through caregiving is mammoth ... if we can remain open to it. Without the spiritual dimension, caregiving can become overwhelming, relentless in its demands, placing great stress on the caregivers, and contorting the caregiving relationship. Such a scenario only creates, guilt, sadness, anger, frustration, irritation, loneliness, and eventually ... sickness.
Beyond the Introduction video session (20 minutes), the program is constructed around the ten fundamental principles for effective caregiving, these are:

    • Session 1. Understand that you cannot honor elders by dishonoring yourself.
    • Session 2. Understand the real needs of elders.
    • Session 3. Develop a balanced Quality relationship with elders, not a Quantity relationship.
    • Session 4. Recognize that there are very few "right" ways or "wrong" ways in caring for elders.
    • Session 5. Establish boundaries with elders so you can love and honor them as completely as possible.
    • Session 6. Recognize that simple and direct communication is your strongest caregiving tool.
    • Session 7. Perceive that caregiving offers you many, many opportunities for profound personal insight and faith strengthening.
    • Session 8. Learn that letting-go, is your most valuable ally.
    • Session 9. Help elders tell their life story.
    • Session 10. Realize completely that you are never alone in your caregiving; God is always there with you.

    BOOK:How to Honor Your Aging Parents: Fundamental Principles of Caregiving.

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