JI Course 104: The Essentials of Spiritual Mentoring, Spiritual Direction, and Life Review with Maturing Adults.


The course covers the most effective communication skills and competencies that have proven most motivational in Christian counseling and spiritual direction with mature adults. It then correlates these with the fundamentals of spiritual later  life development and teaches the wonderfully productive skill set of Life Review. Packed with useful skill development that will add confidence to your interaction patterns with senior adults.

The course builds confidence in spiritual Christian counseling and spiritual direction in those who work with, or intend to work with Maturing Adults by providing a framework for action.  In addition, students learn a practical, step-by-step procedure for conducting a faith life review with maturing adults. Life review has been called the most therapeutically inspirational process for maturing adults of faith. Life review helps maturing adults see themselves, and their relationship with God in an entirely new way; they come to profoundly embrace the fact that the hand of God has been on them every step of their life journey. Learning life review procedures is an essential helping skill for those who work with maturing adults.

Students learn:

  1. The integral role played by spirituality in spiritual mentoring and spiritual direction.
  2. A wholistic model of wellness for lifelong adult ministry.
  3. To use the concept of "spiritual wellness." 
  4. How to conduct a spiritual life review.
  5. The role played by virtue in spiritual development.
  6. The counseling needs as related to spiritual development.

Note: This is simply a survey course; it does not equip students to become professional Christian counselors or spiritual directors.


Course Materials:

TEXTS: Three eBooks written by Dr. Johnson are provided with the course…

  1. Spiritual Mentoring: Essential Communication Techniques for Spiritual Mentoring
  2. Spiritual Counseling and Spiritual Direction for Spiritual Personality Discernment, Healing, and Transformation
  3. All My Days: A Personal Life Review Manual
  4. 8 one-hour recorded class sessions
  5. 8 Powerpoint presentations to accompany each class session
  6. End of Course Review


Course 104 is one of 12 courses that make-up the JOHNSON Institute curriculum in Spiritual Gerontology and Maturing Adult Faith Formation, culminating in student's earning their Professional Certificate in Spiritual Gerontology (PCSG). 

This course may be taken anytime in a self-study format.

Tuition: $199

  • $ 199.00