This course approaches retirement from a totally different viewpoint than any other Retirement preparation/enrichment program, in that it begins and ends with the solid conviction that the primary purpose of retirement is to maximize life by developing a ever-enriching relationship with Jesus.

This course is a total retirement preparation and/or retirement enrichment educational experience that offers participants a clear, concise, succinct, yet comprehensive overview of their current ideas about, and planning for, their ultimate retirement lifestyle. 

  1. This program does not assume any particular type of retirement lifestyle, instead it serves participants by helping them identify and plan for new ways of living that can only termed their “dream” whatever that may be.
  2. This program provides a personal, practical, and relevant self-portrait of the individual overall needs of persons who are either
    1. Preparing for a transition from their current full time work into some other lifestyle, or
    2. Wish to enrich their current retirement lifestyle. 


SPIRITUAL RETIREMENT TRANSITION: You’ll learn exactly what makes for a successful retirement transition. The course offers personal data upon which we can make the most effective choices regarding the how, when, where, and why of the retirement transition and retirement living; even if we are already fully retired.

RETIREMENT TRANSITION: Students learn the 15 spiritual growth factors that transform retirement from an unfocused time of potential lethargy into a spiritual adventure. These 15, identified after years of research, are the core ingredients that spell the difference between retirement years of personal meaning and increased life, or conflicting fragmentation and lifelessness! Students learn that retirement and the retirement transition is as much or more a psychological and a spiritual decision than it is a financial one.

RETIREMENT TRANSITION: The Church has a profound, and as of yet an unrealized role in serving the ever expanding ranks of "the retired". The potential for spiritual development before, during, and after the retirement transition presents each person of faith with a wellspring of spiritual opportunities unlike any others previously encountered.

This course is designed for two groups:

  1. Persons wishing ministry with middle aged and more mature adults
  2. Persons desiring heightened meaning from retirement through spiritual enrichment for themselves.

 As part of the course you will take the Christian Retirement Challenges Profile (CRCP) .  The CRCP generates a 23 page analysis of the individual's current spiritual development in the 15 factors described above.  This personal, practical and relevant assessment is absolutely unique in every way and can be found nowhere else.  

Course Materials:
    1. A Christian  Retirement Challenges Profile.(CRCP)
    2. Paperback book: Creating a Successful Retirement: Finding Peace and Purpose.  R.P. Johnson.
    3. OPTIONAL: Your Second to Last Chapter, Paul Wilkes (available on Amazon/Student Purchase)
    4. Insight Exercises for use in workshop, retreat, etc.
    5. 8 one-hour recorded class sessions
    6. 8 Powerpoint presentations to accompany each class session
    7. End of Course Review


    Course 103 is one of 12 courses that make-up the JOHNSON Institute curriculum in Spiritual Gerontology and Maturing Adult Faith Formation, culminating in student's earning their Professional Certificate in Spiritual Gerontology (PCSG). 

    This course may be taken anytime in a self-study format.

    Tuition: $199  Materials: $40

    • $ 239.00