Aug 01 2017

An ageless relationship is one that helps define and support the real you, your authentic self, the innermost genuineness at the core of your personality... all ingredients of your innate agelessness. There are three types of ageless relationships.

1. Your relationship with that person or persons who truly knows and loves you. Communication with others you love is called deep sharing.

2. Your relationship with yourself. Communication with yourself is called introspection or self-talk.

3. Your relationship with God. Communication with God is called prayer.

The language you use in all three of these relationships determines the quality and depth of the communication. In addition, your language, the words you use, directs the degree to which you grow closer to your true self - your ageless you.

I've collected 25 feelings words that I've found most helpful in ageless communication on all three levels: others, you, and God. Next to each of the ageless promoting words, which bring the light of agelessness, you see a word that describes its opposite; a feeling condition that denotes the absence of the promoting word... a shadow of darkness that negates agelessness.


 1. Trusted >>><<< Judged

2. Interested >>><<< Isolated

 3. Connected >>><<< Separated

 4. Cared for >>><<< Unwanted

5. Empathetic >>><<< Misunderstood

 6. Empowered >>><<< Powerless

7. Unconfined >>><<< Trapped

 8. Nurtured >>><<< Manipulated

 9. Valued >>><<< Unappreciated

10. Listened to >>><<< Frustrated

11. Respected >>><<< Unloved

12. Clarified >>><<< Puzzled

13. Infused >>><<< Confused

14. Empowered >>><<< Overpowered

15. Cared for >>><<< Embarrassed

16. Upheld >>><<< Humiliated

17. Included >>><<< Disregarded

18. Consoled >>><<< Hurt

19. Joyful >>><<< Sad

20. Elated >>><<< Demeaned

21. Supported >>><<< Discounted

22. Affirmed >>><<< Devalued

23. Calmed >>><<< Upset

24. Happy >>><<< Angry

25. Recognized >>><<< Dismissed

These are all common words; they are all well known to you. When you use the promoting words you invite closeness, authenticity and agelessness into your sharing with others, your personal introspection, and your prayer. When you use negating words, you block agelessness.

Today's Takeaway. Sprinkle promoting words into your vocabulary and enhance your conversations on all ageless levels.

Empowered by faith,
Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D.

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