I am Ageless and So Are You

Apr 04 2017

I’ve come to see so much clearer that I am ageless… indeed I am also timeless.  The “I” of me is the presence of divinity within me.  This means that who I am at my core is divine.  It is easy for me to see God (divinity) as both ageless and timeless, but applying the same words to me seems more difficult.    In my younger years I could only conceive of myself as tied to time and consequently controlled by time.  When I was 15 I couldn’t wait to be 16; when I was 20 I couldn’t wait to be 21.  Now that I’m 70 I find that it is quite easy to wait until I’m 71.  Chronology seems an absurd concept when speaking of God.
This new healing chapter of my life (every day I notice new advances in my ability to move better; I’m walking with a standard walker now and am feeling the slightest return of movement in my hands) instructs me that my body is a central player in my lifelong curriculum of learning how to love better.  In the rehab facility where I spend every day- all day, the focus of course, is on regaining bodily movement.  It’s strikingly evident however that the road to physical healing winds through both my psychological persona and spiritual center.  The very energy required to rally-on in rehab finds its source in the ageless and timeless core of my spiritual being.  As we call God the great I AM, the “I am” at my core provides me a never ending flow of grace… spiritual energy. 
It strikes me that the more I define myself by time, that the more I am fixated on only the material, physical plane of my existence.  Such a fixation blocks me from recognizing my connection to divinity.  I must remind myself  frequently that I am so much more than my body, so much more than my time on this earth; the “I am” of me is in truth both ageless and timeless.  Consequently I need to remain ever alert to the whispers of the Spirit within me.  I live by God’s grace, my personality originates and is sustained by God’s grace, and this river of grace flows without age or time.  Prayer , in all its forms, is the only vehicle I have found that helps me transcend both time and space, and propels me along my earthly journey focused certainly on my body, but much more so on the spiritual connection, the increasingly intimate connection, with God.  I exist not on a timeline but rather on a lifeline to Jesus. 
Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D.

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