Become a Spiritual Elder

Nov 06 2019

Living agelessly teaches me…
to become a spiritual elder, not "elderly. "
Let’s do word association…
What words come to mind when you think of the word “elderly?”
Perhaps slow, worn down, mentally scattered, cranky, nonproductive, depressed maybe forgetful, etc. etc.
What words come to mind when you think of the word “elder?”
How about wise, distinguished, helpful sage, knowledgeable, alive, involved, comfortable in one’s own skin”, etc. etc.
Now would you rather “grow up” to become an elderly or an elder?? The choice is yours, after all. Even persons who have been stricken with chronic physical ailments and consequent disabilities can maintain their “elderhood”.
So what makes an elder? The answer is quite simple, yet profound.
An elder practices virtue.
An elder is ever-hopeful, not despairful.
An elder follows the virtue of simplicity/beauty, and not complexity/confusion. 
An elder is wise not arrogant, bossy or feels insignificant.
 An elder shows empathy, not obtuseness.
An elder is transcendent, not only worldly.
An elder can be inspiring and never lifeless.
Elders always strive to live in the Love of God, from which all virtue flows; an “elderly” live in the shadow of Love. 
Yours in Christ,
Richard P. Johnson, PhD

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