Aging Wisdom Lessons 21-30

Apr 14 2021

Aging teaches me… 

21. The true purpose of life … to become “living virtue”
22. The ultimate failure of life is not death; the ultimate failure of life is living without Love
23. That my feeling are holy, they give me insight into where I need to change
24. To live life balanced on Christ
25. That as I mature my spiritual pace quickens.
26. To distinguish between the “what” of me, and the “who” of me
27. To reframe my view of aging from a “world-view” to a “soul-view”
28. To rely on that small but potent inner voice of the Holy Spirit for guidance in everyday decision-making.
29. That wellness is a much a spiritual concept as it is a physical and/or mental concept.
30 That my true wealth is not measured with a calculator

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