25 Ways to Live Agelessly

Nov 30 2015

25 Ways to Live “Ageless in the Lord”
Articulating the New Fullness of Life Only Offered by the Later Years 

Aging teaches me …   

  1. That the true purpose of maturation is gaining closer communion with God
  2. That as my body diminishes, my spirit advances
  3. To live in a new abundance of inner light
  4. To light the path to sacred agelessness
  5. To tend the garden of my soul
  6. To pursue personal and spiritual transformation
  7. To embrace my True Self
  8. To step beyond the “fake” of the world
  9. The paradox of living: that loss is my primary means for growth
  10. To become a spiritual elder, not ‘an elderly”
  11. To become more comfortably “Who” I am
  12. To seek Love everywhere
  13. To honor close relationships
  14. To live in the holy present moment
  15. That the “maturing years” can be my finest spiritual hour
  16. The power and necessity of forgiveness
  17. That I have no more need for anger
  18. The immense value of letting go
  19. That I feel best when I give of myself
  20. That as I celebrate (not just practice) my faith, I find a new childlike freshness
  21. The true purpose of life … to become “living virtue”
  22. The ultimate failure of life is not death; the ultimate failure of life is living without Love
  23. That my feeling are holy, they give me insight into where I need to change
  24. To live life balanced on Christ
  25. That as I mature my spiritual pace quickens.

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