Aging: The Master Teacher

Open Doors to Agelessness

Oct 16 2015

The Christian psychologist Karl Jung once said that “Attitude is the mind’s paintbrush, it can color any situation.”  Certainly our attitude toward maturation (aging) colors our later lifespan.   Human and spiritual growth can be likened to a process of opening new doors, while closing others.  To confidently open the doors to healthy life in our maturing years we need to gently close other doors on our previous life stage.    These doors lead to attitudes in our own mind.  But which doors need opening and which ones need closing?  Doors that say: Being young is good and being older is not,...

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Aging: A Thief in the Night, or a Master Teacher

Sep 21 2015

 “Aging is the senseless slippage into nothingness.”  I was flabbergasted when I read this definition of aging in an old sociology textbook.  What a stark view of aging, I thought; yet it gave me pause.  When viewed through human eyes alone, aging does become little more than a succession of losses ending in nothingness.   As Christians we are called to view aging in new light.  When we take the logs out of our own eyes, we can see that aging is one of the means that the Holy Spirit uses to teach us who we really are.  Such a new...

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