Redefining Retirement as a Spiritual Journey DVD Program

Redefining Retirement as a Spiritual Journey DVD Program

1. Christian persons within 10-15 years of their projected retirement,

2. All persons who are already retired.
If married, both partners are recommended to participate.

Participants learn the 15 spiritual growth factors that transform retirement from an unfocused time of potential lethargy into a spiritual adventure. These 15, identified after years of research, are the core ingredients that spell the difference between retirement years of personal meaning and increased life, or personal erosion and lifelessness! Participants learn that retirement and the retirement transition is as much or more a psychological and a spiritual decision than it is a financial one.
Participants learn exactly what makes for a successful retirement transition. The program offers unique personal data so participants can make the most effective choices regarding the how, when, where, and why of the retirement transition and retirement living, even if they are already fully retired.
The program teaches that while we may retire from our jobs, we never retire from life; we always need a vocation, a life purpose; yet we do transition (usually more than once) throughout our maturing years. This program teaches how to make the retirement transition purposeful and meaningful so participants can live their retirement with purpose. This program is eminently helpful for two groups: 1) persons preparing for retirement (as much as 10-15 in the future) as well as, 2) those who are already retired.

Participants routinely comment after the course, "Why didn't I take that program sooner, I have an entirely different and wonderful new view of what retirement is truly all about."

BOOK: Creating a Successful Retirement: Finding Peace and Purpose.

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