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The WELL, WISE & WHOLE Monthly, (formerly the ALAM Update)

The WELL, WISE & WHOLE Monthly is a monthly e-mail publication written by Dr. Johnson. It highlights current issues in maturing adult faith formation, articles, book reviews, best practices, trends, interesting ideas … really anything that catches Dr. Johnson’s attention regarding the personal and spiritual growth of adults in the second half of their life. Each month you'll be kept abreast of the latest in the emerging field of maturing adult faith formation and spiritual gerontology.

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A Cohesive Force

The WELL, WISE & WHOLE Monthly seeks to serve as a cohesive piece that gives all of us who work in any way in maturing adult faith formation, a focus, a "place" that we can call our own.

It is my hope and intention to continue to bring you whatever gleanings I can on topics relevant to lifelong adult ministry so that you can feel a part of this wonderful and fast growing ministry.”
Dr. Johnson

The Hope of ALAM

“It is my hope that the Association for Lifelong Adult Ministry and the The WELL, WISE & WHOLE Monthly can serve as a gathering point where like minded people of faith can come for new ideas, for education, for encouragement, inspiration, and spiritual nourishment. This is our quest! I ask for your assistance in this noble undertaking. We are pioneers in this endeavor, missionaries in the full sense of the word, working on a new plane of activity... on holy ground. I invite your continued support, your faith, your prayers, and your efforts in bringing the magnificently illuminating and redemptive word of God to the Children of God, in their maturing years. Thank you.” Dr. Johnson

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