We at Senior Adult Ministry have a singular mission:
to bring excellence to ministry
for Christians in the second half of life

We do this by providing the best teaching and learning resources in four separate categories:

1. Well, Wise & Whole DVD Video Programs:
Six inspirational and motivational video programs for use in classes, workshops, retreats, etc.

2. JOHNSON Institute:
An innovative series of twelve self-study, train-the-trainer courses that can be taken individually, or as a planned curriculum leading to Professional Certification, in either, a) Spiritual Gerontology or, b) Maturing Adult Faith Formation.

3. Books by Dr. Richard P. Johnson:
(founder and director of Senior Adult Ministry).

4. Spiritual Assessment Profiles:
to illuminate minds, invigorate hearts, and inspire spiritual growth in the second half of life.

Our programs and resources are comfortable in all Christian churches.

We invite you to browse our website, learn more about the abundant possibilities for growth, and to contact us with any questions or requests for consultation on how to make Senior Adult Ministry as vibrant and Christ-centered as possible in your parish, congregation,or other site.

There is a new direction for Senior Adult Ministry ... you can find it here!

Respectfully yours,
Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D., PCSG
Phone: 636-273-6898. FAX: 636-273-6899
email: drjohnson@LifelongAdultMinistry.org