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JOHNSON Institute for Spiritual Gerontology and Maturing Adult Faith Formation

Dedicated to the lifelong spiritual development of today’s maturing people of faith
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Spiritual Gerontology: Seeking God across the lifespan

As we mature our spiritual pace quickens.


To have a "Maturing Adult Faith Formation Specialist" trained and certified by the JOHNSON Institute in every church with a cross on its roof, and every faith-based retirement residency facility."

OUR MISSION To educate persons of faith to go out into the vineyards and bring God into the very center of aging ... to hold up the light of Jesus Christ in a world darkened by a distorted material definition of maturation ... a definition that contorts minds, confuses souls, and squashes the Spirit at work in our hearts.

We are in the midst of the grandest cultural change the world has ever seen! In the last 90 years our longevity has increased 30 years! This fact is nothing short of astonishing; its dramatic impact on all of us is just now making its mark. But what are we supposed to do with these extra years?

The urgent challenge before us is that all persons, and especially retired persons, need a personal service ministry, a true heart’s desire; a purpose that stirs their soul and engages them in peace and justice, care and compassion, and prayer and contemplation. We need more targeted adult spiritual development education to bring this truth more squarely in front of the armies of retirees who join the ranks every day.

This is the purpose of the JOHNSON Institute!

JOHNSON Institute programs in spiritual gerontology, senior adult ministry, and spiritual development view maturation/aging as a spiritual adventure rather than as a slippage into a diminished status. Maturing adults need a new vision of aging that:
1) Lifts them up,
2) Accents the positive purpose of later life, and
3) Connects them with God’s abundant grace. Without spiritual purpose maturing adults can slip into unhealthy behaviors and ageist attitudes that rob them of the joy, richness, and purpose of later life.

JOHNSON Institute programs penetrate to the core of the spiritual development needs unique to maturing adults; they combine solid medical and psychological research with what our faith and what Scripture teaches about maturation, to form a most comprehensive and practical curriculum of excellence in spiritual gerontology and adult spiritual developoment.

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