Tapping Into God’s healing power within us


JI COURSE 105: Discover Your Spiritual Strengths: Discerning God’s Fingerprint on Your Soul. Digging Deep Into Your Soul to Find the Core Strengths that God has Bequeathed to You Through Grace … and How to Use This Sacred Power from On High for Personality Enhancement, Healing, and Spiritual Strengthening.

Healing is best understood to proceed along all levels of human experience:
1) Body
2) Mind
3) Spirit.

Maximal healing is achieved holistically, i.e., each of the three levels of human experience must be addressed as a part of a larger unit ... as part of a whole, which is more than the three parts taken individually.

INNER HEALING: The course offers a tried-and-true model that helps adults of all ages see themselves and their crosses through the eyes of Christ and find inner healing. The course encourages persons to seek the best medical and psychological care when needed, but at its core it teaches a way of calling on our faith to give us new balance, new stamina, and new peace so we can find the inner healing and strength to carry our cross with renewed confidence.

The course stresses the difference between sickness and illness. We use them interchangeably as though they each meant the same thing. They don’t! Sickness is when a part of the body is broken or malfunctioning. Any medical diagnosis, or psychiatric malady is a sickness. Illness, on the other hand, refers to our emotional, psychological, and/or spiritual reactions to our sickness.

Fully 86% of us beyond middle age deal with some chronic sickness: arthritis, hypertension, pain, osteoporosis, etc., etc. Other adults carry the crosses of depression, anxiety, compulsions, etc., etc. Still others suffer with insecurity, fear, worry, lack of confidence, envy, despair, anger, lack of personal meaning, etc., etc. We all have crosses to carry and therefore we all need God’s inner healing power. Many maladies cannot be cured, but with God’s help we can find inner healing.

In this powerful course you will learn specific inner healing strategies useful for all adults across the lifespan whether they deal with:
· Some chronic physical disease,
· An emotional malady like depression, or
· They simply desire a new, rich spiritual depth.

As part of the course, students personally take, and become facile in the "Spiritual Strengths Finder" (SSF).The SSF is a marvel; it generates a 20-page individualized printout based on your responses to 120 incisive items. The information on this 20 page document is like nothing you have ever seen before; it's like looking into a spiritual pesonality mirror. It must be experienced to be appreciated.

The SSF identifies:
1) Our most potent healing strengths (God’s power in us),
2) Our shadows, (what blocks God’s power) and
3) Our ego-based, compulsions (what diverts God’s power).

The interplay between and among our spiritual strengths, our shadows, and our compulsions determines the degree we will experience God as we walk our own life journey carrying whatever may be our cross and find inner healing.

Emerging medical research is teaching us much about how healing works. One finding is that every one of our thoughts, and every one of our feelings stimulates specific chemicals in our body, which have direct impact on our immune system. Whatever thoughts we give ourselves, whatever feelings we allow to take up residence within us, all get communicated to every cell in our body. What causes life-giving thoughts and feelings vs. life-taking thoughts and feelings?

The Spiritual Strengths Healing Plan specifically shows you how to train your mind to think the most enhancing and accurate thoughts, and inspirits your heart to feel the most vitalizing and real feelings. The Spiritual Strengths Healing Plan awakens your special God-given healing wisdom within you. This course opens your inner life to a new and enlightened understanding of dis-ease; it offers an entirely new way for summoning up the buried healing power within us.

· Course Materials:
1. Consultant's Manual
2. The SSF questionnaire booklet and answer sheet.
3. TWO complete, extended scorings of the SSF
4. The Healing Personality Index
5. Texts:
§ 1) Body, Mind, Spirit: Tapping the Healing Power Within, R. P. Johnson, Liguori Pubs. 1992.
§ 2) Discover Your Spiritual Strengths, R. P. Johnson, AGES Press, 2007.
6. End-of-Course Review

  • Contact Hours: 18
  • Course Materials: 
    1. Consultant's Manual: a large 3-ring binder.
    2. Participant's Audio CD Program: a set of eight (8) audio CDs in a vinyl binder.
    3. Consultant's Audio CD Program: a set of six (6) audiotapes in a vinyl binder.
    4. The HGP questionnaire booklet and answer sheet.
    5. TWO complete, extended scorings of the HGP
    6. Paperback book: Body, Mind, Spirit: Tapping the Healing Power Within.
    7. End-of-Course Review
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