AGING AND SPIRITUALITY: Aging is not a "thief in the night," rather, aging is one of the three "masters teachers" of life (the other two being relationships and sickness). Learn how to completely refresh and renew your view of maturation (aging) from one of loss to one of "a crown of glory."

AGING AND SPIRITUALITY: You’ll learn the 12 essential “keys” of aging and spirituality that transform aging from a potentially dismal time, into an ageless soul-adventure. The course covers aging and spirituality: aging with grace, with verve, and spiritual meaning and purpose. This course is a life-changing experience … sure to completely transform the way you look at aging and spirituality … a real “shot in the arm” especially for those who may resist aging but who want to become spiritually ageless.

AGING AND SPIRITUALITY This course prepares you to give the "12 Keys to Spiritual Vitality " program yourself. You'll thoroughly learn all the keys of agelessness and be given all the tools to teach them with ease. These twelve keys answer to the timeless question:" How do we age best?"

AGING AND SPIRITUALITY: After four years of research, these 12 keys were identified as the foundational principles of aging and spirituality letting us open-up to the special grace of our mature years, and taste life in abundance.
  1. Transform your attitudes about aging,
  2. Seek love everywhere,
  3. Delight in connectedness,
  4. Live in the "Now"
  5. Accept your true self,
  6. Forgive others and self,
  7. Let go of anger and inner turmoil,
  8. Give yourself to others,
  9. Celebrate your faith,
  10. Discover personal meaning in life,
  11. Make your feelings work for you, and
  12. Achieve balance in your life.

AGING AND SPIRITUALITY: As part of the course you will personally take, and be equipped to give, The Ageless in the Lord Profile (ALP). The ALP is grace-filled educational faith assessment profile that allows participants to get closer to God, and closer to their real selves, by getting a personal, practical, and altogether new understanding of the faith-filled meaning and purpose of aging. The ALP is motivational and affirming, empowering and positive, joyful and uplifting; it offers a new definition and a new vision of aging and spirituality. The ALP generates a 20 page spiral-bound document that gives a panoramic picture of how the participant is growing toward vitalizing, faith-filled living and their own aging and spirituality.

AGING AND SPIRITUALITY: The ALP, together with the course content, magnifies the true meaning of aging and spirituality. The course provides the practical means for making the most of the lifelong years, opening to God's grace, and becoming "Ageless in the Lord". You'll learn how to transform aging from the "thief in the night", to the "master teacher".
  • Contact Hours: 15
  • Course Materials: 
    1. Consultant's Manual: a large 3-ring binder full of reproducible "insight sheets" for each of the 12 keys, plus all the materials necessary to offer a vibrant workshop, seminar, retreat, or course.
    2. Participant's Audio CD Program: set of eight (8) audio CDs in a vinyl binder.
    3. Consultant's Audio CD: set of two (2) audio CDs outlining how the program can be best used in the same vinyl binder.
    4. The ALP questionnaire booklet and answer sheet.
    5. TWO ALP scorings.
    6. Paperback book: The 12 Keys to Spiritual Vitality: Powerful Lessons for Living Agelessly
    7. End-of-Course Assessment/Review

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